An important first step in buying a home is determining your buying power. Not every product is right for every person – and the loan your friend or co worker got is not necessarily the loan you are going to get. While every one wants the absolute best rate they can find, it’s also important to find the loan officer who can get you successfully to closing.

The following are loan officers with whom we have worked for many years; they offer different programs, so check them out to see what they have to offer for your specific situation.

Kim Demarco
NMLSR#: 510011
Phone: 703.838.2500
Fax: 703.838.2523
Cell: 703.409.1818

Suntrust Mortgage is known for being competitive and having a number of products which are called “portfolio” loans, which means they hold them in house and control the underwriting guidelines. One such example is their Doctor Loan, which is a product tailored to doctors who have completed their residency within the last 10 years as well as Residents, Interns and Fellows.

Sam Atapour
703-980-5443 cell
703-564-1769 fax
NMLS ID 193137

Sam says “As a residential lender since 2004, I have helped thousands of clients purchase or refinance their home in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. In today‚Äôs lending environment, it is important to work with a true professional who knows mortgage products that are unique to each client. To each client, I promise to:

  • Always give you prompt responses to your questions
  • Always provide accurate data
  • Deliver quick underwriting decisions

I promise to keep you informed of your loan status throughout the process, so there will be no last minute surprises and no delays.

And First Savings Mortgage has some unique products that may be just the perfect fit for your situation.