Country Living & City Convenience Near Fredericksburg VA


Country Living & City Convenience Near Fredericksburg VA

Last week, the forecast for 6” of snow never materialized…in fact, it stopped about 30 miles south of us.

So, when the forecast for last night was for a ‘dusting,” well, you can guess what happened.

We got 3 ½”.  Okay, I know that hardly qualifies as a snowfall to some of you, but any time the snow covers the grass, I’m happy.

It’s a low bar.

The sun came out this afternoon, so I opened the door to the chicken coop and let the girls (and Mr. Peck, the Rooster) out to see what they thought of the snow.

There was an immediate traffic jam at the door as the first few stopped in their tracks and proceeded to stand right there in the doorway and just eat the snow!

SnowMarch72013 006I was not really expecting that reaction, but there it was.

Finally, they herded out, albeit a bit cautiously, and explored. They thought they were in snow chicken heaven, though, when they discovered icicles hanging off the nest boxes.  They chomped at those until every one of them were gone.

Alas, when the sun started to set, it did not take long for them to run back in and get on the roost.  They had adventured enough for one day.

I never expected chickens to be so much fun or for them to have so much personality, but they have been a delightful surprise.  I also never thought I would see myself on a tractor, either, but hey, never say never, right?

Who knew you could live “in the country” but be 20 minutes from Wegman’s?  Or 20 minutes to historic Fredericksburg?  I always thought something would “have to give” in order to live in relative isolation, but boy, was I wrong.

Life in King George County has proved to be amazing…quietly beautiful as we watch the sun go down over our own little pond, with its Great Blue Herons and Bald Eagles, yet convenient to the things we all like to have readily accessible.  Call me if you would like to look for your own “Green Acres”!



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