Welcome to Alexandria, Virginia, one of the country’s most vibrant, diverse and historic areas.

From colonial period homes in Old Town Alexandria to elegant waterfront estates along the Potomac River to condos and townhouses all around town, Alexandria has the perfect home for you, regardless of budget, style or taste.

Located just a few miles from the nation’s capital, as you can imagine, there is no end to the wide array of activities, events, restaurants and shops you will find in Alexandria.

The communities and neighborhoods are equally diverse in what they offer, from gated condo communities to historic homes where it’s just possible George Washington may have visited, Alexandria VA has something for everyone.

Navigating Alexandria VA real estate can be a challenge whether you are a relative newcomer or a long time resident. In an area of constant change, it’s hard for to stay on top of everything that goes on in Alexandria, even for someone who has been here a while.

Click on the tabs to learn a little more about some of Alexandria’s different communities and if you have any questions at all, just drop us a line or give us a call for more information.