What’s an Alexandria VA Home Buyer To Do in Today’s Market?

Buying a house

What’s An Alexandria VA Home Buyer To Do in Today’s Market?

As we go into the New Year, the question on every real estate agent’s mind – as well as on the mind of Buyers – is,  will there be any houses to buy?

Sure, there is some leftover inventory from 2012, but for the most part, everyone is anxious to see what 2013 inventory is going to look like.

Demand in the 2012 spring market was intense for many houses at certain price points;  we saw plenty of multiple offers and prices escalating, within reason, in a number of situations.

I’m pretty sure 2013 is going to be a repeat of the same, unless a lot of home sellers, who have been previously holding off selling until prices recover a bit more, decide it is time to sell.

It is a never ending conundrum for Buyers;  sure, interest rates are unbelievably low and probably will be for a while.  Prices are definitely lower than we have seen in quite some time, although they are also creeping upward.

For Alexandria VA Home Buyers,  it seems the message is:  you cannot have your low prices, low rates AND lots of inventory from which to choose.

So, if you want to take advantage of the first two, you may have to give some serious thought to rethinking some priorities or “wants” if you want to get into the market in 2013.

Couple buying a houseKeep an open mind when shopping for a home in Alexandria;  I’m not advocating buying anything that becomes available for the purpose of having *something* but my advice would be to be flexible and be thoughtful about what compromises you can make in order to meet your home buying needs in 2013.

Otherwise, your alternative is to wait until the “perfect” house comes along, which may prove to be a long and ultimately, expensive wait.

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