Sometimes You’re the Eagle, Sometimes You’re the Chicken

My husband and I recently moved into a house in the country…”country” being a relative term, of course, since we are 20 minutes from Wegmans and every retail store imaginable.

Still, we are tucked away behind dense woods, off of a 1/2 mile long gravel road…our neighbors include birds, squirrels, herons, egrets, eagles, osprey and our personal collection of chickens. 9 hens and a rooster named Peck, to be precise.

For anyone who has never considered chickens as, well, pet material, you may be surprised to know they have uniquely entertaining personalities and are quite handy at natural pest control. And if you treat them right, they’ll keep you supplied with all the fresh eggs you can consume – or give away.

While they eagerly follow the feed bucket to their coop/hen house in the late afternoon, they love being outside during the day, scratching for bugs and seeds, taking dirt baths and well, being chickens.

Of course, free ranging chickens are a predator’s delight – just ask the red fox who appears nearly every morning to see if any holes have opened up in the hen house.

Or, as evidenced by the eagle who was in our side yard two days ago. Yes, the majestic eagle, that magnificent bird, the sight of whom gives me chills every time I see one of them fly over, is apparently not above a little Chick-fil-A lunch every once in a while. Seems he was flying over, spied our little flock and came down to investigate. Fortunately for our girls, their sense of self-preservation is strong and they ran for cover under my husband’s SUV, which happened to be in the driveway.

Upon hearing the commotion, I ran outside and stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of an eagle in my yard. At the moment, I was not awe-inspired or impressed – I was ticked off he thought he was going to snatch one of my fowl. We had a brief stare-down, then he took flight.

Aren’t real estate transactions sometimes like life in the wild? Sometimes Sellers are grateful for Buyers who love their homes as much as they do, leaving them free to pursue their next dreams…and sometimes they are resentful because the Buyers are getting the “bargains” they did not get when they purchased during the headier days of the market.

Instead of seeing Buyers in a positive light, Sellers often see them as predators who want to nickle and dime them over every single thing – regardless of the realism of the market or the Sellers’ listing price.

Everyone’s view of the market is relative – and depends on their perspective. It helps to view the transaction through the lenses of all the participants sometimes to get a feel for how the other side is seeing things.

Sometimes you’re the Eagle. Sometimes you’re the Chicken. If you are the Chicken, hopefully you have a qualified agent to look out for your best interests and make sure you are protected. And even if you are the Eagle, it makes sense to have representation to insure you can successfully navigate your transaction.

After all, sometimes those Chickens have a little extra help.

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