No, You Do Not Want to Look at That House. Seriously, you don’t.

I’m begging you. Seriously. You do not want to look at that house.

Why not?

Because it’s your dream house, that’s why. Heck, it’s my dream house. It’s a fantastic property — and it does not meet your needs. You have said repeatedly said you did not want to be that far out. And your husband clearly does not want the commute from that location. A brutal commute, by the way. A commute that has the capacity to seriously hurt your quality of life.

Why can’t we just look at it, you ask? What will it hurt, you persist? Seriously, you say, you just want to see it.

What can it hurt?

Well, I will tell you what it can hurt. That house – that perfect house with every detail designed with you in mind – will break your little heart.

Oh, yes, it will. It is everything you are looking for – and then some – and it’s even in your price range.

But it’s only in your price range because it is a million miles from everything — and is NOWHERE, nowhere, close to where you both have insisted you must be.

And once you lay eyes on that perfect, beguiling little house, let me tell you what will happen to you.

You will NEVER be able to shake it, get it out of your mind or forget about it. You won’t even be able to look at other listings in the neighborhoods in which you are interested – and where it is simply impossible for this house to exist – without choking up. Without tearing up. You will see pictures of the kitchen in the houses that are available to you and you will cry.

Trust me. The tears will come. Because nothing is going to compare to this one, perfect, unobtainable house.

Once you see THE ONE, you will become obsessed to find its twin in another neighborhood, a neighborhood where you said you had to be. You KNOW if you look hard enough, long enough, that house will appear, in your price range, in the location you need.

And while I hate to be the one to deliver bad news, it simply is not going to happen. No matter how determined you are, how good you are, how hard you work at it.

Whether it’s a house you know you cannot afford or a house you know is in the wrong location, it never pays to just “take a look” because that “little peek” is going to send you on a wild goose chase that can cost you time, money and lost opportunity. While you search for the “holy grail” of the perfect house, you may just be passing up plenty of houses that do turn out to be absolutely perfect for your needs, your family and your lifestyle.

When it comes to finding the perfect house, reality is better than a pipe dream. And it’s better not to even start the chase.

One Response to No, You Do Not Want to Look at That House. Seriously, you don’t.

  1. Susan, so true that finding the perfect home in the Alexandria, VA area is what you are all about…redirecting the buyer to the right price point is definitely the way to keep them happy!