Hiring an Alexandria VA Buyers’ Agent

Back in the olden days, all real estate agents worked for the Seller and there was no concept of Buyer representation.

Fortunately, that changed a few years ago when Buyer Agency was born. In the state of Virginia, all Buyers have the right to be represented by their own real estate agent.

An agent who represents the Seller has a duty and obligation to do what is best for his or her client, the Seller. No matter how nice they are, everything you tell them, say, at an open house, or on a phone call, can and will be used against you in negotiations.


When you are in an Agency relationship with a Buyer Agent, everything you tell them is strictly confidential. And that never changes.

Buyer Agent will discuss fully the home buying process. so you know what to expect every step of the way. They can help you find a mortgage professional, home and termite inspectors. Their knowledge of commuting options and neighborhoods can be invaluable.

An Alexandria VA Buyer Agent can point out defects in the property, although, of course, you will want to rely on a professional home inspection to look at the house thoroughly inside and out. And your agent can give you a frank assessment of the desirability of certain property features or location.

Your agent will run comps (comparable sales) and advise you on price. Your agent’s knowledge of the neighborhood and recent sales will help you determine whether you are getting a fair price.

Once you find a property you would like to call home, your Buyer Agent will help you structure a winning offer and put you in the strongest possible negotiating position. And your agent will work to get for you the best possible price and terms.

After you go under contract, your agent’s real work begins because bringing a transaction to a successful closing means navigating a maze of documents, timelines an inspections – making sure everything falls into place, from loan qualification, appraisal, survey, title work, inspections to occupancy.

THAT is what Buyer Agents do. From the first day until the keys to your new house are in your hand, yourALEXANDRIA VA Buyer Agent will be working only in your best interest, as your personal advocate to ensure you not only get the best deal possible, but are treated fairly and receive the representation to which you are legally entitled.

So, before you go shopping for homes, go shopping for a good Buyer’s Agent – and if you need any suggestions, let me know.   I happen to know quite a few really terrific agents.

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