Alexandria VA Home Sellers: Paint Colors Can Cost You

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Alexandria VA Home Sellers: Paint Colors Can Cost You

It’s 7 a.m., hot coffee in hand, and I’m trying to stay out of the way as a couple of able-bodied men bring in heavy panels of sheetrock.   Although I’ll pretend this state of disarray and incessant noise do not bother me, in all honesty, it is a royal pain to live through home improvements, no matter how beautiful the end results.

At least the hardest part for me is behind me:  I finally decided on paint colors (even though I misunderstood the quantity and have to make a return trip to the paint store) and carpet.

What?  That’s the HARD part – picking out paint and carpet?  For me, it was pure torture…do you have any idea how many sleepless nights I have had, agonizing over the right color, the right shade, just the right tint?

3D guy paintingCall me hypersensitive, but many prospective Alexandria VA home buyers feel the same way.  They don’t like the inconvenience of scheduling around contractors, the noise, the mess, even the decision-making of picking out paint and carpet.

Many of them are relocating from other areas, have children to enroll in school and activities, babysitters and day care to sort out and frankly, the idea of even having to paint a house full of, well, “highly personalized” colors is enough to make them scream.

So, when they are out and about, looking at houses that are just right for their families, which houses are going to appeal to them the most? 

That’s right – the ones that require the least amount of effort to move in to.  Sure, those houses may not have their “dream” colors or a fabulous new kitchen, but they are neutral and inhabitable until things settle down a bit and plans can be made for updates.

Couple buying a houseMany folks are not looking for a do-it-yourself project – they are just looking for a nice home that meets their basic needs (and a few “wants” as well).    They want to move in, get settled and then, when the time and the budget are right, they will embark on any home improvement projects they wish to undertake.

So, as an Alexandria VA home seller, when your listing agent tactfully suggests painting a few rooms would help sell your house, please give it some serious thought.  As incredible as it may seem to you, yes, even your paint colors could deter a potential buyer, which would be a shame.  And just throwing money at it by offering a credit or a price reduction doesn’t get the job done – or eliminate the inconvenience and the hassle.

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