One of the Biggest Mistakes Alexandria Home Sellers Can Make

Home sellers here in Alexandria can make plenty of mistakes, starting with hiring a listing agent because they’re related to you or to a friend; not listening when your agent shows you what your price should be; and failing to de-clutter, clean, and generally get the house ready for viewing.

Those are all serious mistakes, but another huge one is not paying attention to what your agent is doing to market your home.

Most of us make every effort to present our listings well. We either learn how to take excellent real estate photos ourselves or we hire a professional to do it for us. We carefully consider the words to use in describing homes in our brochures and on-line presentations. We make sure that our listings are seen on every important real estate portal.

Unfortunately, some agents don’t.  They take one rather lame photo because it’s required for a Multiple Listing Service entry. They write a brief description – usually one that simply repeats what’s in the details, such as the number of bedrooms and baths and the square footage and lot size. Perhaps they add the fact that there’s a garage.

In other words, they do nothing to arouse interest or entice a buyer. And what happens? Buyers skip right on past those listings.

Today’s Alexandria home buyers expect to see a good photographic preview or a home’s exterior and interior. They expect to read words that tell them why they really need to view this home in person. When they don’t get it, they assume that there’s nothing good to see, and they move on.

Before you choose an Alexandria listing agent, preview that agent’s other listings. See how he or she presents them. But don’t stop there. Once you’ve chosen, go on line and see how that agent is presenting YOUR home.

I have seen fuzzy photos, photos with dirty underwear/half naked people/family pets, I have seen photos that were sideways and backwards.  I have seen listing photos clearly taken from a car (because the side view mirror was evident in the photo)….the list is long.  And every time I see such photos, I wonder if the seller has any idea how poorly their property is being portrayed online.

The online presentation of your photos is critical – it’s where the vast majority of buyers start their home search today and studies have shown if you don’t grab them the first time your property address comes up in a search, it is unlikely they will come back to look at new and improved photos, so it’s critical your agent gets it right the first time.

If you don’t approve of the presentation, speak up! Your Alexandria agent owes you the best marketing possible, and if you aren’t getting that, you have a right to demand something better.

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