Alexandria Sellers: Part I: Surviving the Home Inspection

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Alexandria Sellers: Part I: Surviving the Home Inspection

After all the preparations, the days of keeping your house  “model home” ready for that next showing and the initial offer negotiations,  you cannot help but be excited when your agent finally says, “Congratulations, you’re officially under contract!”

That excitement can turn to dismay, though,  once you have the home inspection report – and the request for repairs from the new buyers – in your hands.

It’s hard to have your house scrutinized and examined by strangers, then be presented with a laundry list of things that are wrong.  It’s especially difficult when you have poured thousands of dollars into your house and thinks it looks pretty darn good, thank you very much.

Sure, some of those issues were brought up by your own home inspector a few years ago, but you have lived with them all these years, so why would the new buyers care?  They’re just being picky, right?

The home inspection period can be stressful and annoying – and statistically, is probably the time when the contract is most likely to fall out.

electrician_tools_92247_tnbAs an ALEXANDRIA VA home seller, is there any way to prepare for the home inspection so that is goes more smoothly?  Sure.  In addition to always staying on top of maintenance issues,  there are a number of preemptive actions you can take to help minimize the chances of a contentious negotiation.

We’ll itemize those actions in Alexandria Sellers: Surviving the Home Inspection, Part Two.  

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