Santa Claus Does Not Really Live at the North Pole

Arctic Circle Finland Santa Claus Village I know, I know, that goes against everything we have all believed for years, but seriously, if you want to take a look at Santa’s real home, you need to head to the Arctic Circle to Santa Claus Village, which is one of the top tourist destinations in Finland.

Open all year round, this is the ultimate destination for those who want to see Santa and his elves, visit the reindeer (yes, including Rudolph!) and see Mrs Claus busy baking.

Finland Christmas Santa Claus VillageThere is no end to the activities available:  reindeer sleigh rides, dog sledding and snowmobile tours,  all while taking in the breathtakingly beautiful snow covered forests and amazing Northern Lights.

And when you are ready to retire for the evening, you have your choice of accommodations from  Bed and Breakfasts, Hostels, Guest houses, Hotels, Cabins, Cottages, luxury Resorts and more.  There is even the option to experience the IceHotel in Sweden.

So, if you are looking for the ultimate Christmas destination, consider Santa Claus Village in Finland for the trip of a lifetime.


photo by: timo_w2s

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