Fredericksburg VA’s Foode for Foodies

Foode Fredericksburg VA
Foode Fredericksburg VA

Fredericksburg VA’s Foode for Foodies

What’s a Foodie? Well, basically foodies are folks who love good food, are not necessarily gourmets but find all things food – not to mention wine and beer – to be of great interest, from ingredient sourcing to preparation to consumption.

Or as they say at Foode: Gourmet for the Rest of Us.

100_7574This Fredericksburg VA restaurant is not only for foodies, but is for all of us who cherish a well prepared meal in a cozy setting, amidst some unique shops and a strong shot of history, thrown in for good measure.

The folks at Foode have a simple philosophy: serving the best dishes made with the freshest and cleanest ingredients. And they support the local community by sourcing 85% of the food they serve from local farms and merchants.

We’re talking organic beef, free-range chickens, heirloom produce and hormone-free eggs.

You know, the good stuff. And the good stuff changes from week to week, which is half the fun. You can check out their menu online before you go to see what they are serving.

100_7578The day my friend Chris Ann Cleland and I enjoyed lunch there, I indulged in a sinfully delicious Sweet Potato Soup. Hardly a day goes by I don’t think about that soup and wish I had a bowl in front of me. Although I could have made a meal just from that, of course I did not stop there. I also ordered the Grilled Cheese for Big Kids.

In my mind, I saw a mixture of four cheeses, mustard and thick texas toast; what I GOT (and would have KNOWN this had I read any further than Grilled Cheese) was a grilled roast beef sandwich on black bread. Was it what I envisioned? No. But it was absolutely delicious nonetheless and taught me a valuable lesson: READ THE MENU.

This week, for example, the Grilled Cheese for Big Kids is crumbled feta, granny smith apples, spiced pecans, chopped rosemary & black pepper honey on a flour tortilla. See what I mean?

Oh, and if you drooled as I did just reading the ingredients for that sandwich?

You may just be a Foode. I mean foodie.

So, the next time you are in Fredericksburg – and it’s less than an hour from Alexandria unless you try to make it during rush hour – give them a try. You cannot possibly regret it.


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