Alexandria City Council Approves Redevelopment Plan for Landmark Mall

Free Mall Girls Riding on The Escalator Creative CommonsGrowing up in Richmond, VA,  driving up to the DC area to shop – whether at Springfield, Landmark or Tyson’s Corner Mall –  was always a fun day.   I have fond memories of many years of shopping all three of those malls.

In recent years, though, as an adult living in Alexandria VA,  while I would dash to Landmark Mall to pick up something from Macy’s and while I had occasion to pick up things from Springfield Mall if I was in the area, I confined most of my shopping to the rare visit to Tyson’s Corner or to the internet.   Landmark had lost stores as well as traffic and just looked as if it were struggling to hang on.

Landmark Mall became a convenient destination for specific items, not a destination for a few hours of leisurely shopping.  It just wasn’t where you wanted to  be for a few hours or a day of fun.  To me, it became rather gloomy and not a little depressing.

Well, that is about to change!  Alexandria City Council just approved an exciting redevelopment plan for Landmark Mall.  The central part of the mall will be demolished and an outdoor mixed-use town center will be built in its place.   The plan is to include more than 300,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, along with an upscale movie theater and 400 residential units (oh, wow, who wouldn’t want to live near a mall, really!  Talk about convenience.)

Sears and Macy’s will remain where they are and part of the existing parking deck is going to be removed for mixed-use units.  Plans call for a pedestrian plaza and green space.  There will also be a transit center, which will be served by several DASH and Metro bus routes,  which is an added bonus allowing shoppers and employees to reach the Mall by public transportation.

This plan is exciting and promising news for Alexandria and hopefully will lead the way in the redevelopment of the Landmark area.

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