Looking for a Little Serenity in a Not-Always-Serene World?

For my birthday last week, my husband surprised me with a “Day of Luxury” at Serenity Day Spa in OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA. While I have been to Serenity a few times in the past, I have not been there recently and was thrilled to have the opportunity to return.

Now, while the Day of Luxury package normally includes a Customized Facial, an 80 Minute Aromatherapy Massage, Citrus Spa Manicure, Peppermint Spa Pedicure and Spa Lunch, I mixed it up a little and made some changes, which is perfectly fine with the Spa.

While each of the services was top notch, it was the complete indulgence of having all these services on one day that I truly enjoyed. The longer I was there, the more relaxed I became. No cell phones, no laptop…just peace, quiet and pampering. (Okay, confession time: I did pop out my iPad while eating lunch so I could check email…just in case).

In fact, I was so relaxed after the Tension Relief Massage, I caught myself dozing off during the Aromatherapy Foot Massage.

How could I not, though, really? I was wrapped in sinfully soft linens, lying on a heated blanket, in a dark room, with incredibly soothing music playing…did anyone seriously expect me not to sink into a semi-conscious state? The only thing going through my mind was where in my house I could put a massage table and room darkening shades. Seriously, I could do this at home, although if I did, I may never leave the house again.

Even for the facial, I was swathed in warm, comfy linens and lying on a heated blanket.

After the facial, it was time for lunch in the Serenity Room. Cue low lighting and soft music. Lunch – which I selected from a menu when I arrived – was Baked Salmon on a very crisp, fresh salad with a wonderful Soy Ginger sauce. Toasted almonds topped it off. Surprisingly delicious.

Then it was time for the Peppermint Spa Pedicure…which involved a massage chair, warm towels, a peppermint scrub and a paraffin dip…not to mention lots of warm towels.

I was glad the pedicure was last, because it gave me a chance to linger while my polish dried. The nail tech was so thoughtful…I was her last appointment for the day, so once we were finished, she told me to sit back, relax in the massage chair and stay as long as I liked. She turned the light off as she left the room.

It’s a wonder I didn’t fall completely asleep, not to be found until they were closing for the evening.

If you are considering a break from the fast pace of every day life and want a day – or even of hour – of complete peace, consider Serenity Day Spa. They totally live up to their name.

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